Carrying an office bag is a very common practice. Almost everybody carries an office bag heading towards office or heading for an official work. It is an accessory which is not limited to a gender. A bag organised nicely with essential items, speak good about an individual (actually, speaks a lot about the personality). And with experience, we learn how to customise and curtail, the number of items to be carried. I mean as we grow in service, we are sure of what to be carried and what not to be.

 Carrying essential items not only reduces the weight of the bag but also makes our bag look compact and creates less confusion . During my 9 years of job experience as a Central Govt Employee, I don't remember going on work without my office bag for even a single day and gradually I became habitual and I learnt what all to be carried and what is not essential to be carried and how to do it. I customised and tried to curtail to the things which are important to carry. Today I am sharing the essential things which we should carry in our bags.

1. Notepad/Diary/Pocket diary :

 It doesn't matter how advanced we are or how much technical/digital gadgets we are equipped with, noting down the things in a diary is always classic. Its a good practice. It represents how serious and organised we are about our work. The thing which we write with our hands are easy and fast to recollect. A diary/ notepad which we are carrying in our bag, is always accessible when we are at work. And yes..Our gadgets like a mobile phone or an electric notepad can run out of battery anytime, but a diary won't . I always used to keep a diary and its such a nice memory too, to my work and work days.

 2. It's again, one of my favourite. Yea It's a PEN.

Everyone carries it at work ...is it? I don't think so...because I myself have witnessed people begging for the one. So, do carry minimum 2 pens with you in your office bag. Now, you should always carry a good quality Pen.  Especially for signature purpose. Trust me a Pen speaks a lot about you and your personality. Your signature deserves a quality Pen...yes? Carrying a quality pen gives a good impression.  

3. A folder. It was a must for me. And I guess it will be useful for you too. 

We don't know when we have to carry a formal or important paper/papers. Keeping the papers directly into the bag can damage or crush the paper. So carrying a folder is a saviour here.  A folder which can keep documents dry and crease-free solves the purpose.

Please come up and share your favourites from yor office bag. Take care.


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