Wising all the mothers and the motherly figures, A very Happy and the best Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day. This is a special day dedicated to all the mothers and not only mothers but also all the motherly figures. So why don't we make our mothers and all the motherly figures feel special on this special day. Another is who takes care of us , nurtures us, guide us, loves us .....the list is endless. She is our first teacher. This is year we have all the time and the opportunity to make our creator feel special. As we know in this lockdown, planning the things are a bit difficult because of the lockdown. But don't worry, its the feelings which matters. We can do a lot being locked at home too. Sharing with you the three ways to make make her day special. ( TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS DAY READ HERE)

1. A warm hug: You must have already wished her but remember the day is not ended yet. Sing her the wishing song the same way we sing on the birthdays.... remember. all the family members can be included here to make the song louder😉.  Now its upto you how you arrange and decorate the things. Spend time with her. Speak to her. If you can sing, sing a song to her, If you are good at poetry, you know what to do you must have done also, make her a flower bouquet,

if you are good at photography represent her with best of her photographs, If you are good at cooking cook for her. Playing her favourite movie and watching it all together...especially during this lockdown would make her happy.

2. Get creative and create a craft: Make a greeting card for her. A handmade greeting card always have better impact than a readymade card and it is remembered for longer as well. A mother is one who never judges her child. So don't worry if you are not good at it. Just writing the wishes with fancy colors on a piece of paper would do it. Trust me she will be more than happy. When we buy a greeting card from outside we all look for the message which is more effective in conveying the message and more importantly our feelings. But if we add our own lines with our own handwriting, it will be more than a greeting card. Tip : If you are not good at drawing or painting, add a message which conveys your wishes to your mother in more effective way. Again the poetry would make it more special.

3. Most of the places a women leads the kitchen ...right. So if mother is the one who leads the kitchen or the cooking part. Give her a break. Make something special for her. It need not to be perfect. Because she's gonna love anything you do for her today. Baking a cake is a good choice. Take reference of the recipes online and do it. Your mother knows you the best same way You know your mother the best, what she likes and what she doesn't. Surprise her with something from her field of interest. Remember as I already mentioned you need not to be perfect. Its the effort which matters, and mother is the only one who always appriciate our efforts, as she knows our potentials.

Have a nice day. #STAYHOMESTAYSAFE


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