To do list during Lockdown due to COVID-19

Hello.... you, how are you. I hope you all are keeping fine and healthy. I am here to add on in the 'What to do list during lockdown'.
1.  Now this one is very important. Its about, Self improvement or you can say Self actualisation.

 According to Abraham Maslow American Psychologist (1908-1970), only few can get to this level ( Maslow's hierarchy of needs ). But we can try at least. After all, this is the best time to do look into our own self and to be true to ourselves. Do you agree, everyone has some weaknesses. It can be anything like lazyness, anger, aggressiveness, substancial or non substantial addiction, short sighted, stubborn, blunt, unorganised, fearful etc. Knowing our weakness creates a scope for self-improvement, which definitely leads to personal growth. 
So list out yours and work on it. This is the best time to work on it, where we are free from other social engagements and can give good value time. and somewhere I strongly believe we deserve that much time for ourselves also, due to other engagements we kind of ignore it. Just give a thought. Below our social identities we have our own identity which we can only judge and work upon. If, I talk about myself, I am a kind of lazy person  for physical workouts. But I have motivated myself and started my day with Yoga and Cardio. Because of which, I feel good and energetic throughout the day. This was my experience. So come out with yours, grab a notepad, list the weaknesses or the things you want to work on yourself ( you have to be selfish on this 😉only yourself) and start working towards it. Best of luck.

But you  have to be motivated here. Because no tutor or trainer is there to come and teach. So you have to play these all roles altogether. 

2.  Give space to your space. 
Well here I am talking about the space where we are right now…Home beautiful Home.

 This reminds me of an advertisement of wall paints, where the tag line was "Every wall
speaks". No.... no, I am not telling you to to talk to you walls😀. I am just telling you to take care of your walls, floors and each corner of your house.

 So give time to your house, your room and yes the cooking areas. Deep cleaning, rearranging, decorating, gardening are few of the activities where you can come up with ideas and retouch the things. 

This will keep you busy as well as it will brings positivity in the house. This way no doubt our space would be more cleaner and brighter. 

3. This is me. Plant a plant/tree.

Planting plant is always rewarding. Gardening is a good option. but everybody is not into it. So, planting atleast a plant is not a big deal. Well this is for the people who are not at all into the gardening.

Trust me, planting and growing plants brings positivity  and a good feel factor. And this is one of the way where we can contribute a little to our natural environment too. And yes, after some time,when you will look at that plant, it will remind of this lockdown😉.

Thanks for Reading 😊

Season 1Episode 1. What to do list during lockdown?

Things to remember during this pandemic situation:


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