To do list during Lockdown due to COVID-19

Hello, how are you keeping. I hope you and loved ones all are keeping fine and healthy.  Wishing you all a good health and all the happiness.
Today I am sharing my third episode on the the list. So keep reading and do share your opinion too.

1. Learning something new. Isn't it a good option. Setting a motto to learn atleast  minimum one thing during this time. 

We are fortunate enough to have internet services accessible to all of us at a single click/command. Online courses are a good alternative. Thats a treat these days :). 

       If I talk about myself, my cake is getting baked in the oven and meanwhile I am talking to you all. This is what I am trying to learn these days. Well, I am not at all good at cooking, but I love baking. But never gave it a time, now trying and experimenting almost every second or third day. I hope by the end of this lockdown I will be a good Baker😀.
     So set a thing you want to learn apart from the things you tag as a hobby. Give a challenge to yourself, By the end of this phase be ready with your 'THE LEARNING OF THE LOCKDOWN'.

  2. Educate yourself. Dont you think thats a good choice. Few may think we are educated enough, what are you talking about. Well, my suggestion to you is to learn a bit deep about this situation the cause, what it is exactly, what is this virus all about.

Remember we all are together fighting against this situation, and it is a saying that know your enemy if you wanna win. Gather as much information, as much you can . After all once the situation comes back to normal, we all are going to talk and discuss about it, we should not sound like dumb then. 

So, keep updating yourself. You can  read about the virus COVID-19,pathophysiology, effects, signs and symptoms, investigations, precautions to be taken etc.

 3. Writing or documenting these days, on a piece of paper or may be in  a diary. How the days are going, how are you feeling these days, what are your opinions and thoughts about the situation, how did you contribute to yourself and the society, how the days went, any specific thing happened during this time etc.

       My friends, you all will agree this is no less than a world war. This is the most dangerous pandemic situation we are going through. These all things like what to do during lockdown is not a celebration at all but this is a way to keep ourselves engaged, so that we can keep our calm. So that we can keep safe and help others too. So, what do you think about endorsing your words about this.

At the end Keep calm and stay safe. 


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