To do list during Lockdown due to COVID-19

During this difficult times of lockdown, I have come up with ‘ WHAT TO DO DURING LOCKDOWN?’ episodes. Most of the time is already gone though, but the critical time has just begun. I mean the time where we have to be extra careful. Sometimes I just wonder (you must have also), We have come to a situation where being a social animal, we have to be  into social distancing now. We, the Human beings shape our society and this is the type of society, we have landed in.

Well this is the requirement of the present times. If it would have been about a day or two, things would have been easier . But its about a good bunch of days, where our day to day routine has changed a lot. Where most of us already started feeling low and disinterested in anything now. And eagerly waiting for this quarantine period to be over.

But this is the only way to fight current situation with our oneness while maintaining the social distancing. So keep your calm and make most of this time. Today i would like to share my three ways to make most of this quarantine time. (Everybody is talking about this, right ?)….but this is what we are supposed to do…to motivate each other and keep calm. So lets get started…

1. So the first thing I would suggest is PRAYINGPrayers believed to have psychological and physical benefits. Prayers may be done in the form of meditation and rituals. Praying for the healing of the sick, for those who have suffered during this time. Praying for our families, friends and loved ones, for their safety and well being.

Praying for ourselves and thanking God Almighty, because we are healthy and well enough to make this pray today. 

2. Everybody these days are talking about this way, and I personally believe in this. This is the most practical one. Yes, I am talking about investing this time in your HOBBIES. 

Now I guess most of us are already doing that, but the important point here is experimenting with it. Everyone has the one. I give a little example here, I like painting. So, I tried different painting skills which I really wanted to try since long. All of us are not fortunate enough to have the same profession where we can give space to our hobbies too. So, my friends this is the time to bring  out best out of you.

 So be creative and give time to your likings, at your comfort. 

3. FAMILY TIMEYes….this is the time….the best time, you can give to your loved ones and the one who are annoyed with you just because you could not give time to them.

 Sit with members you have in your house. Talk to them. Generally we have different type of bonding with each member of the family. Taking out some time, personal interaction would make a better understanding between the two.
 Now this is about the people who are staying with you. What about the family and friends, who are staying away. So for now, the only solution is to make audio and video calls. 

This is the best time to give maximum time as much you can, to them ( till they really say, I am bored of you:0) 😊
                                                       Thanks for Reading


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