To do list during Lockdown due to COVID-19

Hello everyone, How are you all. Boredom is around …..is it? Or not. Well, I am sharing today one more episode probably the last one, it should be the last one, we all are waiting for this pandemic to get over as soon as possible. I guess we are  tired of trying anything right now. So no innovations and creativities here, but lil Self care tips. People asked me why 'things to do during lockdown lessons' now when most of the lockdown period is already gone. But I believe, by the start of this lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, everybody had there own plans and there were things to carry on in their personal lives in their personal ways, but now is the time, when we ask what to do next. So, lets carry on and see what is next....

1. Early Preparedness: We need to understand that the steps taken by higher authorities at our place, is for our own good and safety.We need to be prepared for the next and keep our calm.  All the thing they want is our cooperation.

 Some people are still creating issues and making the things difficult. The pandemic situation we are going through, may take some time to heal and we don't know how long. But staying at home is the only way to contribute to others safety and our safety as well. We really need to keep calm and positive and stay healthy at home, I guess that is the only effective way to contribute towards everybody's health and safety. As I already mentioned in my previous episodes, Keep updating yourself about situation from your trusted sources. Do clear your myths. To read more on Public Advice by WHO: Myth Buster follow till the end.

2. Healthy Diet and Physical workouts: Plan a healthy diet and follow it. 

Staying at home we may not feel that thirsty, but keep a reminder and drink a lots of water. Plan for physical workouts, it may be in any form like yoga, jumbo, zumba, dance, exercise, cardio workouts, Gymnastic workouts etc. 

Basically the idea is to keep yourself healthy. So that visiting to hospitals can be prevented. It is good for us also, good for medical and paramedical staff also who are already busy saving the whole world. Keep yourself healthy so that you need not to seek any medical care and services.

3. Now this is very important, Precautions to be taken when leaving homePrecautions to be taken when moving out, which may include this:
     - First of all, Avoid leaving home until unless its very important or urgent or any emergency is there.
     - Avoid going out in crowded places.
     - Don't forget to put on face mask.
     - Don't forget to carry hand sanitiser (carrying pocket sanitiser is a good idea).
     - Maintain min 1 metre (3 feet) distance between you and others. Why...Because when sneezes, coughs or speaks sprays droplets which may carry virus and if somebody is standing closer there are chance of droplet inhalation which may transfer the infection.
     - Avoid touching mouth, eyes and nose. Contaminated hands can spread the infection.
     - Wash your hands thoroughly once you are back home.

These are the basics, for more detail you may follow this is link Advice for public by WHO ( World Health Organization)
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