To do list during Lockdown due to COVID-19

 Hello friends, I welcome you all into my texts shell. Today I am sharing one more episode related to the very same topic from lockdown dairies under grooming diaries. I am sharing what I am experiencing and how I am making my days more interesting and how I am keeping myself calm without feeling any type of boredom at home. There are so many ways, but I am sharing my ways which had positive outcomes. So keep reading and share your stories too.
       1. Entertainment is one of the prime need of an individual in todays world. It can be in any form, active or passive. 

Today the main source of entertainment is media, movies and series most of us have already finished  watching our favourite movies and episodes of our favourite series on netflix, prime etc. Don't you think playing family movies or a movie which holds everybody's interest. This can be made more fun by creating theater effect at home, like darken the tv room and everybody is offered with some popcorn with a drink. Apart from this, music is also a good option for entertainment. We keep listening our favourite songs but playing a song which your family member or your loved ones like can enlighten their mood also.

   If you are a music lover this is the best time to explore the new music and share your play list with others who share the same interest. 

   2. Childcare: Well friends, during this situation it is easy to keep ourselves engaged. Think about the kids. 

        If you have kid in your house ( you are really going through tough time, because taking care of them under lockdown is not at all an easy job) please take care of them, plan their activities for the whole day. For us, we can keep ourself busy or engaged or entertain ourselves. But the tough time, they are going through, as they do not know how to keep themselves busy or what to do next. They are in a stage to know and explore the world.

       Playing is the most common and important way through which they do so, which include both indoor and outdoor activities. They are the one who need to be made understand the situation (is they are mature enough to understand)  so that they don't feel irritated and don't show tantrums, seeing the same faces and same walls 24x7. So planning their activities according to their interest ( which can hold their attention) can be life saviour. few of the activities I would like to suggest are- Role play games e.g. Teacher-Student game, involve them in home making activities and reward them for same, present them with fancy yet healthy food, watching a movie of their interest, gardening, reading books to them, dancing and singing, painting, art and craft etc.,  which includes a routine where  keep them healthy get them healthy and fancy food engaged them in acadamic activities too. Online classes are very common these days, but personally I don't prefer them much because it can not hold the kids attention for long until unless it is play full / entertaining enough. So, dear parents you have to be patient, because you have to play the role of a teacher, a friend, a colleague and many more. 

   3. Spiritual boost. As we all agree spirituality and religion are two different aspects. Spirituality is all about taking care of your self, your Mind, Body and Spirit.

 It  can be achieved through any form like yoga, meditation , giving some time to yourself in silence, contemplation, reading books etc. generally noise around us is the biggest factor to effect our spiritual activities and achievements . But when world is on a hold, you can give best time to Mind, Body and Spirit. These all spiritual activities will definitely have positive impact on our physical and psychological health as well.

I am sharing my thoughts with you in avery simple and understandable language. I hope you are liking it. Take care of yourself and others too..... at your end. Best wishes.


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