Hello everyone, how are you all. I hope you all are keeping well at your place. Today I am here again with one of the general etiquette chapter. Seems boring or a medical topic …..but trust me it is a very important topic and yeah a part of grooming too.
Getting sick with cough and cold is very common. Until unless we are very sick we keep continuing with our work. But coughing without covering the mouth, I mean without using any barrier, can transmit the infection,  plus it looks bad. Imagine somebody standing next to you, coughing out openly with lots of visible droplets  into the environment. 

We want to run away, right. Somewhere it gives a very bad impression if we don't follow the coughing etiquettes . So the moral of the story is……. COVER YOUR COUGH( in a proper way).

Its a very important step to prevent transmission of micro-organisms from the infected person to a healthy person. Well the steps are very simple, to follow. In fact the kids should also be taught about this. So,following are the 3 ways through which we can at least try to reduce the transmission of droplet born infections.

1. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.If you don't have any, cover your mouth and nose with your upper sleeve with elbow bent. People are still not aware of this way and I have seen them using their hands to cover the cough and then coming in contact with others. So, DO NOT USE HANDS (Don't forget hands are the main pathways of transmission of infection). If by chance, you don't have anything and you used your hands, try to wash your hands immediately and procure something to cover your cough or sneeze, for the next time.

2. Put the TISSUE INTO THE DUSTBIN and if you are using cloth material, wash it thoroughly and sun-dry is the best option.
3. We should maintain a distance from other people when we are coughing or we have symptoms like cough and cold. After couging or sneezing, if one is not comfortable, one can always take an excuse. This represents a good gesture and represents how concerned we are for others too ( we don't want to infect others). 

Last but not the least, don't forget to wash your hands or clean the hands with an alcohol based handrub. As this is human tendency to touch the face.


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