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To do list during Lockdown due to COVID-19
Hello everyone, How are you all. Boredom is around … it? Or not. Well, I am sharing today one more episode probably the last one, it should be the last one, we all are waiting for this pandemic to get over as soon as possible. I guess we are  tired of trying anything right now. So no innovations and creativities here, but lil Self care tips. People asked me why 'things to do during lockdown lessons' now when most of the lockdown period is already gone. But I believe, by the start of this lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, everybody had there own plans and there were things to carry on in their personal lives in their personal ways, but now is the time, when we ask what to do next. So, lets carry on and see what is next....

1. Early Preparedness: We need to understand that the steps taken by higher authorities at our place, is for our own good and safety.We need to be prepared for the next and keep our calm.  All the thing they want …



Hello, all the beauties, for most of us, Eye Liner is one of the favourite item in the make up list. Isn't it? In fact this is one of the most essential makeup product to create beautiful and fancy looks.

We will discuss about VARIOUS WAYS of an eyeliner application in coming up sessions but for now, if you are a beginner here are my tips and suggestions before you go for an eyeliner. So let's carry on.
1. Taking risk with the skin especially with vital organ like eye is not a good idea. I would always suggest  you to invest in good brands, it need not to be very expensive one. So always go for quality items especially when skin safety is considered.
2. Taking a skin sensitivity test is a good idea. Skin sensitivity tests are generally recommended for many skincare and makeup products. But I prefer checking for the skin sensitivity before buying any of skincare and makeup products. So, always you should go for a skin…


To do list during Lockdown due to COVID-19

Hello friends, I welcome you all into my texts shell. Today I am sharing one more episode related to the very same topic from lockdown dairies under grooming diaries. I am sharing what I am experiencing and how I am making my days more interesting and how I am keeping myself calm without feeling any type of boredom at home. There are so many ways, but I am sharing my ways which had positive outcomes. So keep reading and share your stories too. 1. Entertainment is one of the prime need of an individual in todays world. It can be in any form, active or passive. 

Today the main source of entertainment is media, movies and series most of us have already finished  watching our favourite movies and episodes of our favourite series on netflix, prime etc. Don't you think playing family movies or a movie which holds everybody's interest. This can be made more fun by creating theater effect at home, like darken the tv room and everybody is offered…


To do list during Lockdown due to COVID-19

Hello, how are you keeping. I hope you and loved ones all are keeping fine and healthy.  Wishing you all a good health and all the happiness. Today I am sharing my third episode on the the list. So keep reading and do share your opinion too.

1. Learning something new. Isn't it a good option. Setting a motto to learn atleast  minimum one thing during this time. 

We are fortunate enough to have internet services accessible to all of us at a single click/command. Online courses are a good alternative. Thats a treat these days :). 

       If I talk about myself, my cake is getting baked in the oven and meanwhile I am talking to you all. This is what I am trying to learn these days. Well, I am not at all good at cooking, but I love baking. But never gave it a time, now trying and experimenting almost every second or third day. I hope by the end of this lockdown I will be a good Baker😀.      So set a thing you want to learn apart from the things y…



As all of us know, the current situation has put lockdown our Earth. Some are saying this is the way mother nature is taking time to heal herself, some are saying we have come at an end. But this is the time to keep calm. Lets fight with this situation together with our oneness. So that we will definitely  breath in fresh air and enjoy the sunshine and sunsets together soon. Lets contribute a little towards making our Earth more beautiful and preserve our nature. Lets plant a plant.😊


To do list during Lockdown due to COVID-19 Hello.... you, how are you. I hope you all are keeping fine and healthy. I am here to add on in the 'What to do list during lockdown'.
1.Now this one is very important. Its about, Self improvement or you can say Self actualisation.
 According to Abraham Maslow American Psychologist (1908-1970), only few can get to this level ( Maslow's hierarchy of needs ). But we can try at least. After all, this is the best time to do look into our own self and to be true to ourselves. Do you agree, everyone has some weaknesses. It can be anything like lazyness, anger, aggressiveness, substancial or non substantial addiction, short sighted, stubborn, blunt, unorganised, fearful etc. Knowing our weakness creates a scope for self-improvement, which definitely leads to personal growth.  So list out yours and work on it. This is the best time to work on it, where we are free from other social engagements and can give good value time. and somewhere I st…

क्या आप सही तरीके से अपने हाथों की सफाई कर रहे हैं?

क्या आप सही तरीके से अपने हाथों की सफाई कर रहे हैं?

सभी को नमस्कार, मैंने अपने पहले पोस्ट की शुरुआत इस बहुत ही सरल लेकिन महत्वपूर्ण विषय के साथ शुरू की थी जो की मैंने इंग्लिश में पोस्ट किया था और अब मैं SAME  पोस्ट ( रेक्वेस्टेड पोस्ट ) को हिंदी में पोस्ट कर रही  हूं। तो बने रहिए।
क्या आप जानते हैं कि 'विश्व / ग्लोबल हैंडवाशिंग डे' कब मनाया जाता है?  जी हाँ 15 अक्टूबर का दिन 'विश्व / ग्लोबल हैंडवाशिंग डे' के रूप में जाना है.  संसार में इस महामारी की स्थिति को देखते हुए, हम सभी सहमत हैं कि हाथ धोना या हाथ की स्वच्छता बनाए रखना कितना महत्वपूर्ण है।
विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन( वर्ल्ड हेल्थ आर्गेनाईजेशन) के अनुसार, हाथ की स्वच्छता ( हैंड वाशिंग) को "क्षणिक/माइक्रोबियल वनस्पतियों को कम करने के लिए हाइजीनिक हाथ की किसी भी कार्रवाई के रूप में परिभाषित किया जा सकता है (आमतौर पर या तो अल्कोहल-आधारित फॉर्मूलेशन के साथ हाथों  को रगड़कर या सादे या रोगाणुरोधी (एंटीसेप्टिक ) साबुन और पानी से हाथ धोने के द्वारा प्रदर्शन किया जाता है)"। तो ये तीन तरीके हैं, प्रभावी हाथ धोने के लिए:
1. …